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After meeting with us, we will work with you to collect all of the important information for your application. While we do this, we will work on completing your application and ensuring any issues that arise are taken care of quickly. Once the application is submitted to USCIS, we will wait for your Fiance's immigration interview to be scheduled. During this time, they will  receive an appointment to have biometrics taken, have an opportunity to respond to any requests for evidence, and submit a medical examination.  At the immigration interview, the interviewer will go through all of the information on the application. Your Fiance will be asked any questions the interviewer has, and your Fiance will have an opportunity to present any evidence not in the application. Once your interview is over, the interviewer may give us an estimated time in which we can expect a decision to be made.

What Is the Procedure?

What Are the Benefits?

Most commonly, to get a Fiance Visa, you have to be a US Citizen that has met their intending spouse within the past 2 years, and you both are legally free to marry one another. You must also make enough income to support you and your intending spouse. You must intend to marry your Fiance within 90 days of the date of their arrival into the United States.

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What Is A Fiance Visa?

A Fiance Visa is a special type of non-immigrant visa that gives permission for a US Citizen to bring their intending spouse to the United States for the purposes of getting married. This is useful in situations in which the couple are very close, but have not become married yet. 

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Fiance Visas

The benefits of the Fiance Visa are:

1. Travel Authorization-Allows your Fiance to come here for 90 days

2. Timing-Can be a quicker way of getting your intending spouse to the United States, instead of marrying abroad and waiting through the consular process system.

3. Money-This can allow you to bring your spouse here for a dream wedding, instead of requiring you and all of your guests to travel abroad.

There are many, many more. Schedule a consultation to find out all the ways applying for a Fiance Visa could benefit you!

What Are the Requirements to Get a Fiance Visa?