After meeting with us, we will draft a divorce petition and file it with the court. We will also send a notification to the spouse not hired by us that they will sign and return to this office.

While the 60 days required by law is elapsing, we will be drafting the final decree of divorce which will contain all of the agreed upon provisions.

After both parties sign the final decree, we will go to a short hearing before a judge. You will be asked questions in front of the judge that ensure all of the proper procedures have been followed. Your spouse does not need be present.

After the hearing, your divorce will be signed and a copy sent to you for your records.

What Is the Procedure?

The State of Texas typically requires parties wait at least 60 days from the date their divorce is filed before it allows a divorce to become final.

Because both parties agree to all of the terms of the divorce, the suit can be filed as soon as a few days after our initial consultation. After waiting 60 days, we simply schedule a court date to have the divorce finalized. Typically, the entire process runs from between 3 to 4 months depending on how quickly we move on everything.

Uncontested, or Agreed, divorces describes a no fault divorce in Texas where both spouses agree on issues such as property division and child custody. It is generally considered the easiest and fastest way to get divorced  in Texas.

What Is An Agreed Divorce?

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How Long Does an Agreed Divorce Take?